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Please email me your ideas on how the housing market can be regulated. I'm convinced the ideas are out there we just have to tap into the country's ingenuity and give people a platform to share their views. The ideas are out there I'm sure. Just some thoughts. The Greeks reckoned no idea is original they are just waiting in the ground to be dug up. We will put the ideas on the website to share with others
Stop or reduce the ownership of second homes

80% of new homes in Cornwall are now bought by people outside the county. This really hurts local people and harms the community. Why people cant rent a house if they want to holiday there? well its greed isnt it. Now if the local community ie people living there permanently were given the power to vote on second homes and say stopped or reduced it this would help local people enormously. The number could be reduced by a very severe council tax on second homes


Make it necesary to have points as well as money to buy a house

Another idea might be to have zones in towns or regulations about any new homes built -probably easier -where to buy the home you need a few housing points as well as the money. ie along the lines of points for social housing but pointed differently ie you would get points for a local job or local connection etc.

The house could go to the family or person with the most housing points. Increases in house prices could then be limited to a say 2% a year if we decide we want to allow any increase. In this way the House price mechanism is controlled and is no longer set by supply and demand. In this way peoples real standard of living could be boosted, people could afford homes again, no one loses in reality.

Industry is boosted because wages will not have to go up so much in the future as people will be able to work for less but be better off because their main cost housing will become much less expensive. Less jobs would be exported overseas. The underlying reason jobs are been exported is that wages are lower overseas. This is because the cost of living is lower because the largest cost people have to meet ie the cost of housing is lower.

If we introduced this people would be able to wait to save up for a home again rather than be desperate to get on to the housing ladder.


Stamp Duty

Increase stamp duty. But the idea of regulating the housing market is not to take money away from people it is to make people better off.

Capital Gains tax

capital gains tax on house sale profits. But how do you choose the buyer? profits might be hidden from view or become under the counter. Again the idea of regulating the housing market is not to take money away from people it is to make people better off.

Rent controls

Put the housing benefit subsidy behind the property rather than the person. Restore full start up grants to housing associations sop they do not have to get the shortfall back by charging higher rents much of which is paid for by housing benefit.


Housing Bonds

Building Societies and Banks could have savings accounts where the money is invested in housing on a regional basis. In this way the savings account would keep level with the cost of housing. In this way savers real spending power in the housing market can be protected. The disadvantage of such investment is that the financial institutions could push up the cost of housing by increasing demand.

One idea to increase the amount of social housing stock available might be to allow people to leave their homes to local authority housing departments. In return they could be offered the right for their children to be housed by the local authority or be given a generous number of points and their grandchildren to be also given some housing points. The level of pointing could depend on the value of the home. So many points for a certain value home. The person could then give the points they are given as they wish. they might for example give most to some children and a few points to others who may already have some points to allow them enough to be housed. Or they could nominate people they know to receive these rights or points.
Many people believe that council tenants should have the right to buy their homes and for the council to have the right to expect the full price and to be able to use that money to buy new stock